(3.3.5a) [Need Developers] [24/7] [Xenith Server]

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(3.3.5a) [Need Developers] [24/7] [Xenith Server]

Post  BloodFuryZombie on Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:50 am

Xenith Server
96% Uptime
Supports patch 3.3.5a for WoTLK

Coming Soon: Need Developers; we will be adding an optional level 60 pvp system! For all of those who like pvping at level 60, come here! We are still working on it and need developers and ticket masters. Join Now!

Xenith Server
Start Level: 1
XP Rate: 2.5x
Drop Rate: 4x

Coming Soon
Start Level: 1
Optional Level : 60 (Meaning there will be a npc that levels you to 60th.)

The rates will be the same.

Crossroads will be the Horde Area for gear, etc...
Westfall will be the Alliance area for gear, etc...

If you would like to help out, join the server and speak to the owner!


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