Lostwrath 3.3.5 Midrate leveling [24/7 uptime]

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Lostwrath 3.3.5 Midrate leveling [24/7 uptime]

Post  Climax on Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:33 am

Midrate leveling
Online player cap: 1000 players
Uptime: 24/7
Version: Wotlk 3.3.5a

Website: h t t p : / /Lostwrath.net

We're brand new.

Feature List
Why should YOU play at LostWrath?

Midrate leveling & an authentic gaming experience

At LostWrath we want you to get a gaming experience as close to retail as possible, but still we don’t want you to have to wait forever to be able to experience the end-game content. This is why we have modified the experience rate so that you easily can reach level 80 within a day. Getting free heirlooms to help you out a little is another benefit you will experience here!

Custom teleport
On LostWrath we have our own custom teleport unit. This guy will take you anywhere you wish to go in the World of Warcraft. It adjusts the zones after what level you are so that you easily can chose a place to quest that is suitable for your current level! What good is walking anyway?

Custom Scripts
Here on LostWrath we are happy to give you a wide selection of custom scripted bosses. Nearly a 100% of the bosses on LostWrath works 95-100% as intended in retail. This will make your gaming experience more realistic than ever before!

Working Dungeon Finder
We’re happy to bring you the good news that the retail “Dungeon finder” is working here on LostWrath. With this tool you can easily find groups to dungeons you wish to explore!
Working Random Battlegrounds
The “Random Battleground” tool is working on LostWrath. Are you in the mood for some whopping in Warsong Gulch? Just use the “Random Battleground” tool to join the matchmaking queue!

Working Arena System
Do you wish to obtain epic PvP gear? Do you wish to receive the title “Gladiator”? By hacking, slashing and bursting off a few spells in the arenas of LostWrath, this dream can come true! Bring a friend and let the journey begin..

5 years of experience

The majority of the LostWrath server team has an astounding amount of emulator server experience. This is what we’ve been doing for FIVE long years and it sure has paid off. Only a handful of private server can bring you this kind of quality developing and administration.

Great, active community and forum
LostWrath’s community and forum is always filled with people talking about everything there is to talk about. Need any help or have any questions? There are always cunning people at your disposal. Are you tired of gaming and just want someone to talk to? Head to the off-topic section and bladder about whatever you set your mind to. You’re never alone at LostWrath.net, sign up and see for yourself!


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