World Of Immortality 3.3.5. Semi Blizzlike Server

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World Of Immortality 3.3.5. Semi Blizzlike Server

Post  Immortality on Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:13 pm

Rates: x10
Version: Wotlk 3.3.5a
Uptime: 24/7

In Development


Immortality Features:

Promo: The first character you make on this server is offered an instant level 80 + item level 200 epic gear, and right now we are offering an enhanced promo for every person who joins. This promo contains item level 245 gear + 1 maxed out profession (no recipes). This enhanced promo isnít going to last long, so hurry and claim it. (To receive this open a ticket and type promo.)

Leveling: Experience is x10 and leveling gear is available in the Heirloom Vendor in all major cities (as well as a few helpful items).

Tele NPC: An NPC that ports the player to any desired dungeon and/or any major city. The tele-npc also contains a few helpful tools {Such as resetting spell cool downs (100 gold) and instance timers (2vote points) before you start another instance}. This tool cannot be used while in combat.

Custom Gear: Custom Immortal Gladiator and Immortal PVE gear available ONLY for players willing to put in the hard work to achieve this level of prestigious gear. (NOT AVAILABLE FOR DONATION).

Scripted Instances: Very professionally scripted ICC (up to Lich King) and Ruby Sanctum is 100% scripted.

Advanced Vote System: Vote every day to receive 3 vote points *double vote points for the first 7 days of the month* Over 20,000 Items available in the vote panel (gear up to 245 + relentless gear).

Events Hosted Everyday: Custom Mount Race/ Foot Race / Maze/ Hide and Seek/ FFA PVP/2v2 / Custom 10v10 Event Arenas/ Kill the King/ Holiday Events.

Shadowmourne available for non-donors.
Very friendly community
Constantly Updated
Active Vent/Forum
Professional GMs and Developers
Working Arenas and BGs

Notes: World Of Immortality has been an active part of the private server community for over 2 years with a dedicated staff and player base that brings a very authentic and friendly gaming experience along with events and bonus features that bring this server on top. We at World Of Immortality await your arrival and wish you happy gaming!

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