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Worldofwarcraft182 Join Now!

Post  eagleblueline on Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:51 pm

Hey guys! We are a brand new server just starting up. We plan on having quite a few custom areas and items to be made in the near future, but mostly the server is all about fun. The server is classified as a funserver, with custom vendors, 255 lvl cap, and fun and friendly GM's. We might be able to use one or two more active gm's who know the commands for an antrix server. You will be tested if your app goes through. I would like to know your experience, reason for becoming a gm, age, sex, and any other important information. We also need more players to get the server populated. This is a Role Playing PvP server so come and destroy each other! =P. E-mail me at for more information, GM app, or if you just want to play.

To create an account search Hamachi on google and download it. Set up an account with hamachi then log onto our server by clicking the triangle in the lower left of the screen. Click join existing server and log on using the username Worldofwarcraft182 and the password: wow IT IS CASE SENSITIVE! Talk to Sieghfried or Tom (preferably Sieghfried) for your account or GM discussion!

Come have some fun on our server! =D first 10 to join get 10,000 gold and a few levels! (maybe armor and a weapon if i feel nice)! =P


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