Deadmines 2.4.3 HIGH RATE TBC Nice WoW private server :)

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Deadmines 2.4.3 HIGH RATE TBC Nice WoW private server :)

Post  deadminesdotpl on Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:54 pm

Deadmines | WoW 2.4.3 Private Network

Hello! We wish to announce the new tbc 2.4.3 International highrate server!

Server has been created in a mind of players who are looking for a good fun, epic PVE/PVP adventures.

We do not wish to mislead you. Server is not fully scripted. We are at the moment two men team who will try to do their job as it should be done. At least we can promise you that we will do what will be necessary to keep server stable, bugless and online all the time.

You may ask : "Do this guys can do a thing, or maybe it's another repack?!" Well heres the answer: It's not a another server where you can donate and buy items, HELL NO! This is carefully created server in a mind of players who are looking for High Rate TBC server. Our skills at the moment are good enought to solve any problem in emulator, and we are learning all the time...

So let's talk about rates now:

Realm 'Vanessa VanCleef' was maded in a mind of people who are looking for REAL climate of High rate TBC!

In our realm you can't find custom items or donators in Tier 6. Our realm is guided with passion. You may expierience here alot of fun, meet great people to play with.

Server and game spec:

Emulator: TrinityCore
Expierence: x35
Quest: x35
Gold: x3
Drop Common: x12
Drop Uncommon: x12
Drop Rare: x12
Drop Epic: x3
Drop Legendary: x1
Profession: x12
Gathering: x12
Honor: x12
Minerals: x3
Arena Points: x1
Arena Flush: x2 in a week Wednesday / Saturday 20:30 (GMT +1)
Horde <-> Alliance -- Party: Yes
Horde <-> Alliance -- Guild: Yes
Horde <-> Alliance -- Speak: Yes
AntiCheat: Yes
AntiWPE: Yes
Vmap: Yes ver.4 Los + Height
Mmaps (pathfinding): Yes
Realm Type: PvP / PvE
Actual season: S2 / S4
Actual progress: Tier 6
Teleporter: Yes
Unlocked Fly Pathes: Yes

You are welcome here!



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