[Huge Community]LF More Staff & Players! WowZilla!

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[Huge Community]LF More Staff & Players! WowZilla!

Post  Speedr on Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:29 am

Updated - Tuesday, September 02, 2008; 4:56am Pacific Standard Time

Wow-Zilla is a farily new private server looking to expand our community! Click this link!

Our Realms

Fully Dedicated Blizzlike! We have 0 Donors on this realm. It is a true blizzlike with slightly increased xp gained.
All your gear is earned, along with your levels.

Instant 70 Raiding & Pee Vee Pee Realm! Our donors are NOT overpowered like many realms you may have seen before. Our instances are un-scripted(Yes, Tank N Spank). Sunwell fully spawned with high drop rates on Glaives & Thori'dal.
You start in Tier 4, with Tier 6 Accessories(i.e. Neck/Trinket/Rings/Bracers/Belt/Boots/Cloak). From there you can take our custom teleporter to raids & gain your Tier 6 through taking out Illidan & many others!

Donating & Items

Our donators help support our server. We like to give them an "Edge" on PvP & Raiding, but not so much that it spoils everything for our other players. You can still easily take a donator on our realm 1v1 & win with enough "Skill". Sure they have an edge..But what's better than beating up those donors?
You can donate for Tier 6 (8/8 Sets) along with Warglaives & Thori'dal. Were currently working to bring in custom weapons & class sets, that arn't "To OP" but still give you donators that "edge" you really want.

Voting & Items

We are currently putting together a "Reward" system for those who take the time to vote for our server. These prizes range from custom mounts/weapons/gear/and even peices of donor gear from time to time.

Forums & the Community

Our next big thing to really build a strong community is opening our public ventrilo server! On the horizon, we also would like to open a Server Radio Station, with live 24/7 Music & DJ's! Ingame events (Such as OMG Musical Chairs?!?!) There's alot of custom things & fun things at happen in our community ingame and out!

Are we looking for staff?

At this time, were only looking for those that are HIGHLY qualified, as we are pretty solid for our staff positions. Those that are exceptionally talented & are/can be an asset to us, may just be hired. Drop by our forums for more information.

Rather not lose your characters on your current realm?

NO PROBLEM! We do character gear xfers! Bring us a screenshot of your character, with your Characters Gear pane open..
Will SUPPLY YOU with that gear from your last realm AND fully enchant it! What else could you possibly need?

Connecting & Account Creation

You can create your own in-game account Here!.
Our realmlist is the following:
Set Realmlist Wowzilla.net

Who to contact for "other" Information.
You can directly contact 3 of our top staff members through MSN Messenger.

Server Owner, Tiltoon - tiltoon@wowzilla.net
Admin, Speedr - caliskater1414@hotmail.com
Admin, Zenron - scummer999@hotmail.com

You can also post directley on our forums for any information you may need reagarding our server.
Thanks for reading. Hope to see you online =D

Ingame Screenies =)



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