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Cyber Effects WoW.

Post  Mirabelle on Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:41 am

A brand new server is out called Cyber Effects WoW, we took our time to fix some of the more game-breaking bugs and we are still working hard on getting all the kinks out, despite that we have already opened two servers, one high rate and one instant 80 server with custom PvP quests and an entire working Honour System, and if your tired of doing PvP, our instances are fully scripted and a joy to go through.

Helpful GM's and diligent Dev's, we are young and still relatively unknown but growing each day, adding more and more custom content with every passing moment.

Hosted via private lines to ensure a lag free experience with a 90% server uptime minimum. We have GM's of every creed and colour to make sure we can help you to the best of our abilities. Hand picked and trained to make sure no elitist tom-foolery or brown-nosing can affect our team and to ensure every GM cares about you.

What we offer:
- High level of service.
- Constant bug fixing.
- Little lag.
- A custom mall.
- Custom quests with custom rewards.
- Custom trainers.
- Working Battlegrounds.
- Scripted Instances.
- A welcoming community.
- An always up to date server. (3.09 current)

What we need:
- You!

Visit us at:


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