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Lunar WoW 3.0.9 WotLK | Compleaty Custom Server

Post  birdofdeath on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:12 pm

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Current Version : 3.0.8 WotLK or TBC

2 Reams:

Lunar WhiteRain

Lunar Bloodlust

Both are Max Level 401

* We have a Custom Mall that sells nearly every blizzlike item and many custom Armor Sets and Weapons

* Custom Leveling Zone "Vane"

* Leveling Zone "Hyjal"

* Custom Instance "Silver Star"

* Custom Instance "Eternal Blue"

* Custom Instance "DragonSong"

* Custom Instance "GreenMan's Land"

*There are Teleporters, Global Trainers, Global Vendors, and Custom Buff trainers in every city, along with mounts vendors.
* Over 500 Custom Weapons
* Over 10 Custom Mounts
* Compleatly Custom Mall and Profession Mall
* Custom Drops in every zone
* WotLK items such as the Chopper, Frostmorne included>
* Northrend and SW 100%
* Custom Helper NPC
* Custom Jukebox NPC
* Custom Morpher NPC
* Custom Buff Teacher NPC
* Custom Mounter NPC
* Custom Global Trainers for all Classes / Professions / etc...
* Custom Quests for All 6 Custom Zones / Instances
* Custom Item Synthesis in the Mall
* Custom Scripting on all custom Bosses
* Over 30 Custom Made Bosses and 300 Custom Made Mobs across our Custom World
* Always The newest Blizzard Content

Lunar WoW Computer Specs.
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit
RAM: 8GB (Just upgraded)
HDD: Veloci Raptor 200GB SATA
CPU: AMD Phantom 3.3GHz Quadcore
Emulator: ArcEMu 3.0.8 Compatable
Just Try this server out and you will be a believer too..


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