Masters Of Warcraft - 3 Servers - Version 3.0.9

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Masters Of Warcraft - 3 Servers - Version 3.0.9

Post  Parijs on Wed May 06, 2009 8:43 pm

Server Name: Masters of Warcraft
Server running: Wrath Of The Lich King Client Version 3.0.9

We are also looking for some new & experienced gm's. Please visit our forum link down below to make an application.

Server Rates: Realm 1 - Blizzlike Realm
XP Rate: Kill 1X - Quest 1X
DropMoney: 1X
Drop Items: Grey 1X - White/Quest items 5X - Green 1X - Blue 1X - Purple 1X
Special Features/Information: This realm is for those who want to play Blizzlike, the way it is meant to be. No custom stuff, just teleporter and mounts.

Server Rates: Realm 2 - Highrate Realm
XP Rate: Kill 30X - Quest 30X
Drop Money: 30X
Drop Items: Grey 30X - White 30X - Green 30X - Blue 30X - Purple 30X
Special Features/Information: This realm has customized content by our GM's. Shops in major cities.

Server Rates: Realm 3 - Fun Realm
XP Rate: Kill 125X - Quest 120X
DropMoney: 1X
Drop Items: Grey 125X - White/Quest items 125X - Green 125X - Blue 125X - Purple 125X
Special Features/Information: Lots of custom stuff with higher rates.


This thread is for advertisement of our server, and for those who have questions about our server that are not already included in the info above. If you have a complaint, please take it to our server forum


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