[3.1.3] Instant 80 PvP/PvE Server! Hassle-Free!

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[3.1.3] Instant 80 PvP/PvE Server! Hassle-Free!

Post  gamesheroic on Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:29 pm

Chrome WoW

The worry-free server.

Looking for a bugless server? Well we can offer you the most bugless private server possible with 98% retail-like spells and talents. We're here to deliver an easy in depth PvP/PvE community that anyone can just jump into right away! Whether its PvP or just PvE, You can jump right in and have fun. Want to use Mirror Image? Yeah it works. Want to charge in combat, Juggernaught is retail like! Eternal Belt Socket enchant? Yeah go for it. It works. We're here to deliver our "Hassle-Free" System. NOTE: This is not a fun server with custom weapons that do 20000dps. We don't enjoy any type of customs that would ruin PvP.

Hassle-Free: Our server is configured so all you do is enjoy the game. Jump right in, max defense and weapon skills! Buy Furious free, Max your profession in under a handful of clicks! You can max your profession off the same spell you used at 0/75 Profession! Don't worry about leveling, we did that for you! Reputation? Go kill 1 mob and your exalted! We're here to design an easy going, bugless enviroment to have fun!

-Dedicated Staff, We've been working around the clock to perfect our server.
-Instant 80 PvP/PvE
-Interfaction Party, Guild, Friend's List(Only for PvE/Raiding)
-Almost completely bugless! Even pet talents are working!
-Working Ulduar! + Many more Scripted Instances and Bosses!
-Vehicular Combat, + Events with vehicle vs vehicle combat!
-Battlegrounds and Arena Focus!
-Daily PvP/PvE Events! Or just random fun events!
-Mall Vendors for each faction( Making it Interfaction Mall soon!)
-1000x Everything(Exp Rate, Pet Loyalty, Rep, Etc.)
-Start with 50,000 Gold
-No Donation-Only Items
-No over powered custom items. We keep ours (If any), "Blizz-Capped"
-We value opinion of the player! Got a suggestion? Make a ticket!
-English server with huge welcome for any foreign players!
-Working Line of Sight and Pet Line of Sight! With Height Detection!
-With up to 4 Professions max, up from the blizz-cap 2.
-Fun event items are working and scripted!

What are you waiting for, come jump in now, Bring your friends with you for a server of a lifetime!

We are still currently 3.1.3 and do not plan on updating at the moment.

Website Registration: http://dannywow.game-server.cc

Visit our forums at http://dannywow.game-server.cc/forum/index.php

Rules: By registering you agree to our rules.
1. Do not hack, Will not be tolerated.
2. Fair PvP, Do not bug abuse(If any bugs are found)
3. Impersonation of any staff is not allowed.
4. Be respectful and mature, But don't let this stop you from having a good laugh.
5. Being Chill.

Realmlist: set realmlist dannywow.game-server.cc

We have a ventrilo!
Don't be shy but don't be a dick either!
IP: vent2.gameservers.com
PORT: 4565

NOTE: Server forums currently off.

Server Information:
-4gigs of DDR3 Ram.
-500GB HDD 7200Rpm SATA
-Intel Core Duo Core 2.6ghtz
-48/36mbps download and upload speeds.
-If we hit the cap for players, we will upgrade our host server to an even better server.


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