The Forgotten Dream 3.2.2

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The Forgotten Dream 3.2.2

Post  Forsakencry on Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:00 am

Hey guys...not a big flashy advertisement for my new server..sorry working on it!

The Forgotten Dream
Supports 3.2.2 & 3.2.2a clients
We are a 95% Blizz-Like Server running a modified AC Hybrid ManGos

Big Differences from most private servers are:
100% ALL Death Knight Quests and zone Works!!
100% ALL Azeroth and Burning Crusade Quests Work!!
All Battlegrounds except Isle of Conquest Work for all levels!!
100% of ALL Spells WORK! tested...Yes even you rogues can do your thing!
ALL T7-T9 Items work, and are implemented with T10 comming soon!
ALL but EoE, TOCh, Northrend raids work! Yeah you heard me! Ulduar is about 90% Blizzlike, Naxx10/25 99.5% blizzlike, OS 100% Blizzlike, Onyxia 10/25 100% Blizzlike, VOA 100% Blizzlike (Prior to patch 3.2.2 so still only 2 bosses!)Trial of Crusader 5 10 25 Working baby!!

ALL INSTANCES AND RAIDS ARE SCRIPTED AND ACTIVE from Vanilla-BC-NR all dropping correctly just like blizz, Heroic and Regular both working just fine!!
Drop-Rates are damn near Blizz in all ways world/instance(this done over a LONG period of time comparing WoWhead and Thottbot's loot droprates)

THE 10% Non-Blizzlike Difference:
GUILD HOUSING! Yes! Guild Housing! You pay IN-Game gold for different types of housing....customize it w/ up to 100 objects...currently 6 different dwellings for both factions!

Player BOT:
At every starting zone you can choose to recruit another toon from your account to accompany you(max 4)..meaning you can do a 5man solo with ALL your toons!!! They level at 1/2 rate you do and acquire quests as well!)

Dual Faction:
Both Horde and Alliance can be created just like blizz, only difference is you can all talk with each other, trade with each other and use the same AH and mail to each other. No Grouping or Guilding tho!

BOA Guy:
Whose this dude?! He's the Bind on Accounts Starter NPC Vendor at every starting zone! Every new toon gets 35k Honor to start and can buy BoA items and some starter gear to help you level..Choose Wisely!!

Warlocks & Mages have different looking Summons! No more boring Voidwalker or Felguard!!!
Ability to morph your Hunter pet or Druid form comming soon!

Soon to come within 1 month:
Guild Zone Control! Fight as a guild and purchase Different Zones all through Azeroth and Outlands...All mobs in the zone your guild controls drop better items, exp etc..As well as a TAX of Gold depending on zone automatically sent to your Guild Bank if you control that zone for 3 days in a row!
Also Owners of the zone get a zonal "buff" that increases your stats!!!

Tier 10 gear & Onyxia Mount!

Remember We're still in Beta, but I would absolutely love to have you join..and hopefully stay!

FORGOTTENDREAM.HOPTO.ORG To sign up your account now!

Change the IP in your file to:
See ya soon!


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