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About Tenacious Gaming

Tenacious Gaming is a private server for the popular online game World of Warcraft (and other games as well in the future). If you have World of Warcraft installed on your computer, you can play on our servers for free. We came online a few months ago and reached 100 members online at a time a few weeks later.
We have an active and friendly community, both in-game, on the forums and on ventrilo. Our servers are running on the latest hardware with a great internet connection, to provide you with the best possible gameplay and the least possible downtime.

We have the best Staff/player ratio you'll find on any private server. With almost 50 Staff members we try to offer you the best gaming experience possible in the private server community.
A team of both experienced and new Game Masters takes care of fixing any issues you encounter in-game as soon as possible. If you make a ticket in-game it rarely takes more than a few minutes to be answered. Cheaters won't survive long before they are caught.
Our events team takes care of organizing both seasonal and custom on the spot events. Do you like custom quests, mazes, stairs, PvP events, custom bosses and/or other special activities you won't find on retail? We have them. A lot. Not once in a while but daily. There's no reason why you'd ever need to be bored while playing on our servers.
The development team consists of several emulator and database developers. By doing regular fixes and server updates they try to provide you with the best gaming experience possible, with the least possible downtime.

Our realms:

We currently have 2 realms, and an other will be added soon. Each realm has different characteristics:
  • Tenacious is our funserver. On this server you will find high leveling and drop rates, custom gear and custom events ran by our events team. If you don't like leveling and spending several hours every day only to progress very slowly, Tenacious is the realm for you!
  • Revenant is our blizzlike server. This server attempts to emulate the retail playing experience as closely as possible. Drop and experience rates are close to the official servers, and there is no custom content. Want to play the game as it was intended by Blizzard? Play Revenant!
  • Bloodfang (not yet online) will be our PvP server. Do you prefer killing members from the opposing faction above fighting against computer-controlled bosses? Then this realm is perfect for you!

You can find more details about the realms and their characteristics on this page.

Why choose Tenacious Gaming?
  • Amazing dedicated staff.
  • Character transfers for the Funserver including donor gear and retail-like characters.
  • Character infusions and free group transfers for our Blizzlike realm.
  • Awesome vote rewards and monthly voting competitions.
  • Monthly lotteries for free donor gear.
  • Seasonal events and lots of custom in-game and forum events.
  • An amazing and active community, both in-game and on the forums.
  • An active database and development team, ensuring bugs are fixed as soon as possible.
  • Amazing player support on the forums and in-game. Support requests are nearly always answered within minutes!
  • Servers running lag-free on the latest hardware.
  • Great staff-player communication to make sure players are always updated on current issues, new events and upcoming updates.

Useful links:
  • Website: http://tenaciousgaming.com/
  • Connection information: http://www.tenaciousgaming.com/website/connectioninfo
  • Account registration: http://www.tenaciousgaming.com/website/account/register
  • Our realms: http://www.tenaciousgaming.com/website/info/realms
  • Ventrilo: http://www.tenaciousgaming.com/website/info/ventrilo
  • Forums: http://tenaciousgaming.com/forum/index.php?/index


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