[2.4.3]DarkPassion WoW

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[2.4.3]DarkPassion WoW

Post  jgatling09 on Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:16 pm

DarkPassion WoW is a new server created March 24, 2010. Marco is the headmaster of DarkPassion WoW

-Uptime 99.99% unless maintenance is going on.
-Dark Passion WoW is a 2.4.3 private server that offers players a retail raiding experience all raids are scripted as close as possible as retail with minimal bugs within them.
-Pve not your thing then go do some pvp! All 4 battlegrounds are working! Arena is also working!
-To make things easier for players there are portals in main cities to Shattrath and other main cities.
--Weapon Skill maxes out each time you level!
--Proffesions level up by 10!

All Rates on server are x10

All we need now is more players on the server!
Website: http://darkpassion.eu5.org/
Account Registration:
Realmlist:"set realmlist" without the quotations

looking forward to seeing you ingame


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