Elite Gaming - World of Warcraft - WOTLK - Patch 3.3.2

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Elite Gaming - World of Warcraft - WOTLK - Patch 3.3.2

Post  Proxy on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:41 am

Elite Gaming is a brand new private server that just opened this month - 01/04/2010

We have a dedicated team of staff ready to assist you in every way possible, Including (Owners,Devolopers,Scripters,Mangement,Data-Base team, GM's and Moderators)

We are running patch 3.3.2

We Have 3 realms

Blizz-like / Evolution = Low retail like rates, no custom items or database entries, A true blizzlike experience

Funserver / Revolution = A Funserver for the casual gamer, High EXP , Profession , skill and drop rates - Custom vote rewards and powerfull donation gear at extremly low prices.

PTR - Testing realm , Used for testing fixes and patches before they are applied to the the blizz-like and funserver

Rewards for the first 100 players to join Funserver / Ranging from , Mounts , Gold , Items , Pets , Instant 80 (Contact Proxy on Vent)

Low ping and no lag , offering you an enjoyable gaming experience

We are working daily to fix any and all bugs , updates and change lists are applied daily (Report any bugs found in the forums, and we garantee they will be fixed quickly , even within 24 hours most of the time.

Join us on : www.elitegaming.co.za (connection details in website)

Vent - eurovent1.gameservers.com , Port : 4703

* UPDATE - Ice Crown Citidal , is now working with all bosses including The Lich king + Loot
* UPDATE - We are now on change log 3 , view the logs on the forums


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