-= Team Canada =- Blizzlike server v3.3.3a

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-= Team Canada =- Blizzlike server v3.3.3a

Post  Blake_rsh on Sat May 01, 2010 2:34 am

-= Team Canada WoW =-

Let me first start with a few words about the background of the server. TC has been online ever since 2006 and till 2009 it was among the best servers. Around the 4th quater of 2009 they had to change hosts because the Admin who hosted it left for good. Dew to this changes most of the players left and only few remain. That's the story and up to now TC wasn't able to recover and still has a low population.

Now to introduce the server:

Current Version: 3.3.3a
Server Core: MaNGOS
Rates: Blizzlike, everything is 1x
Uptime: From 4 to 7-8 days
Latency: Excellent, no lags
Quests: The majority of the not working quests are the ones in Northrend (as it is on every other private server)
Population: Low, for now
GM Crew: They are few but dedicated to what they are doing
DK's: They aren't working (the main reason for that is the low population)

Useful Links:
  • Account creantion and Status page
  • TC Forums


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