Real-Realms WotLK 3.3.3a blizzlike x2 x3

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Real-Realms WotLK 3.3.3a blizzlike x2 x3

Post  Dambus on Wed May 19, 2010 4:49 am

Brand new WoW private server Real-Realms runnin' on patch 3.3.3a
Started two weeks ago, passed a testing phase, ready to get populated. If You want to play on stable TC2 WoW server, from the beggining You shoud join Real-Realms. Most things are running smooth, latency is good, uptime constant, skills and quest are fine, there are some minor bugs, but the staff team is working on it.

Server is blizzlike, with 2x and 3x rates, currently unpopulated and searching for players and GMs. New site is under construction, but if You wish to join, use the old-one.

Come join, and become part of community on Real-Realms private server.

Look for Real-Realms group on Facebook, you'll get more info there.

Reguards, Dambus and Real-Realm staff


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