SkullCrusherEU 3.3.3a

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SkullCrusherEU 3.3.3a

Post  Mikifd on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:32 am

As you can see we are finally up and running allthough atleast all major core functions are working, Anything else that is stil missing or not working as of yet is pretty much stil a work in progress and should be up and running shortly.

SkullCrusherEU what does it means... Wel its quite simple actually SkullCrusher is our name and EU represents where we are located. We are stil a home hosted experimental project with the intention of goin full public 24/7/365 as soon as we have established a small team of dedicated staff members, And a handfull of loyal players who will play here on a daily basis. Until then dont expect this server to be online 24/7 it will be online most hours of the day though... However the system shuts down as soon as the Administrator shuts her eye's.

We have only 1 Realm (SkullCrusherEU)
*Server Core: Trinity Core 2
*Rates: Blizzlike, x4
*Type: PvP
*Population: Low
*No Lag

For more information visit our site


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