WoWChampion PvP, RP, PvE All In One (3.3.5)

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WoWChampion PvP, RP, PvE All In One (3.3.5)

Post  Tobad on Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:18 pm

WoWChampion supports all different types of players from PvP to PvE and RP player bases. On login you get access to either level up directly to 80 and go to the malls or level your character to 80 the normal way. Once in our malls you can buy relentless or T9.5 and ToC heroic gear from the vendors to start. You can PvP in Warsong Gulch to get Emblems of Heroism to buy Wrathful Weapons. Arathi Basin for Badges of Justice to by offset pieces of Wrathful Gladiator. Then you do arena's for emblems of frost to buy Wrathful Gladiator main set pieces. We have a PvP System that gives you 2 badges of justice per kill. Also ICC Bosses have been scripted and Ruby Sanctum will be open soon.

Leveling Rates For PvE Option

  • Kill XP: x10
  • Quest XP: x15
  • Rested: x2

You Tube Video For More Information: YouTube - WoW Champion Video

Website: WoWChampions
Forums: WoWchampion

When you register a forums account it automatically registers you a ingame account with same username and password so just log in!!

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