Dark Psyon 3.3.5a

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Dark Psyon 3.3.5a

Post  GMevilkitty on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:15 pm

Dark Psyon 3.3.5a
set realmlist Dark Psyon (or grab the custom launcher
There are Thousands of private servers out and we are one of them!

Most of these servers start up, last a few months, take players donation moneys, and shut down. Dark Psyon has been going strong for 4 years.

255 Max Level
8x quest kill and explore XP, except Monday which is 16x kill XP and tuesdays is 16x quest\explore.
Custom areas to support max level 255.
Complete token money system, with tokens as rewards for quests and events.
2 Custom malls. 1 for all players and a private mall for VIP members on GM Island.
Complete custom armor sets available on Vendors.
Hundreds of new quests.
Active Battlegrounds and arenas.
Strong Guilds. Custom Guild only items and Guild Houses with Guild Only Vendors.
Much More!

We are in need of Devs, GM's and Admins.

Thousands of accounts and characters.

Referral system. Get Tokens, gear or gold for bringing your friends.

Sign up today for your free account and start playing immediately.

2 Signup pages on the website. "Register" is to sign up for the site and forums. "New Account" is to sign up to play.

Custom Software Package available on website.

Make sure to Select "Cataclysm" When signing up, so your account will be ready for the new expansion when it is released!

Dev Realm is running Cataclysm. We Will be ready for Cataclysm when it comes out!www.samcclive.com


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